“The coaching session I had with Sophie was transformative. It has really supported work I had started in therapy and allowed me to take that next step forward. I was able to visualise hurdles which helps to understand them and put them into perspective. Sophie was very intuitive and insightful and guided me to a point where I could push my boundaries. Thank you.” – Jude Galea

“Sophie’s life coaching was inspirational and has helped me move into a new phase. The session encouraged me to analyze my past and present emotional habit patterns and allowed me for the first time to interact with a potential future self; teasing out how that headspace might feel and allowing me to spend time with the person I might become… Illuminating… Thank you.” – Scott Garcia

“The session was a really interesting process and I gained a new perspective on a pressing issue in my life. It gave me a great deal of insight and some ideas for moving forward in this area. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how useful a phone session could be, but I found it to be incredibly powerful and encouraged me to consider different ways of approaching a particular challenge in my life.” – Caroline Macrory

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