Private Forest School Education

Would you like your child to have regular learning sessions outdoors? Are you a home educator who is looking for additional education support for your children during the week?

I offer half and full day private forest school learning sessions as a way to support your child’s current education programme. Some of the learning topics I can focus on are below and if you have specific education areas you’d like to focus on, we can work that out beforehand. Examples would be:

  • Nature identification and season observations – regular visits to the woods engage children with the seasons and I can support their natural curiosity to support their learning about plant and tree names and identification skills with a range of fun activities whatever the season.
  • Woodcraft and hand tools – working with wood to make basic learning toys and implements.
  • Sustainable Forests – learning about how Scotland has used it’s forests through the centuries, how we work in wild and managed plantations and learning about how forests and woodland can be seen as humans’ most valuable sustainable resource.
  • Plant and tree folklore – Did you hear about the dragon that lives under the Rowan?Stories from history about mythical creatures and people entwined in the trees and plants around us.
  • Shelter Construction – how we make a shelter from ‘nothing’ in the woods, through to all the handy things we can bring with us to survive outdoors.
  • Counting and Patterns – letters, numbers, maths and numerical literacy outside.
  • Loose Parts Play – bringing natural and some man made objects into the woods to stimulate learning.

Where do I run private forest school sessions?

Get in touch with me to organise where we can work together. Currently I work in Glasgow City Council’s parks, and can set up permissions for Southside’s Linn Park Nature Reserve, and Pollok Country Park, the west end’s Ruchill Park and east end’s Alexandra Park. If you have a specific site in mind, we’ll be able to work out permissions to work there too, just get in touch.

Half Day Sessions £90

9.30am – 12.30pm,
3 hours
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays

Up to 6 children
Ages 5 – 11 years old, mixed ages welcome
Siblings and friend groups encouraged
PVG and insurance provided in advance

Full Day Sessions £180

9.30am – 3.30pm
6 hours
Wednesday and Fridays

Up to 6 children
Ages 5 – 11 years old, mixed ages welcome
Siblings and friend groups encouraged
PVG and insurance provided in advance

Dry shelter always provided to keep everyone’s kit dry
First Aid kit is always available
Hot drink and snack provided on both half and full day session. Bring packed lunch if full day session

Your child needs:

  • Waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Sturdy shoes – wellies are best with warm socks October to April
  • 3 layers under their waterproofs – mix of cotton, wool, and long sleeve – October to April. If they wont wear them put them in their bag.
  • Small backpack for putting things in.
  • Wooly hat and gloves – October to April
  • Small waterbottle and snack if they like for a half day, packed lunch if a full day.

Other things children bring:

  • Small notebook and pencil
  • Binoculars
  • Nature identification references such as books or ID cards
  • Small box or tin for collecting things

Other things I bring when needed:

  • Fire kit and safety equipment if cooking/kelly kettles
  • Additional dry shelter
  • Hand tools and green wood for simple woodworking
  • Den building kit with ropes, tarps, pegs and mallet
  • Nature identification books and cards
  • Nature and folklore story books
  • Pens pencils and drawing materials
  • Drinking water and snack things

Note on phones and screens – Bringing phones or screens on session is discouraged, and children will be asked to keep them in their bag if they do bring them. Any screens or phones are brought to site at the owners risk to damage and water ingress.
In sessions I carry a phone for contact with emergency services and parents and caregivers if necessary. Occasionally, I have another leader on session to take marketing photos; they are aways fully pvg checked and we obtain media consents for photo and video marketing from you beforehand. The children’s learning is always priority on session; if we are running a nature ID session I may use the camera on my phone to take learning photos, and share these with you digitally to support the children’s learning.

Email or call me to book a session now: