Outdoor Coaching Programmes

Are you looking for someone to buddy you through making a business plan?

Or someone to challenge how you’re thinking about relationships?

Or are you looking to get a better understanding of your own emotional and behaviour patterns?

Right now, I work with people one to one to help them live the lives they want to live. If you’re looking for a bit more meaning, or purpose, or fun, I can help you get that into your life.

As your coach you can be sure that I am using tested tools and methods from one of the worlds oldest and well-regarded coaching schools in the world – Coaches Training Institute. Believe me, or my clients, they work.

At the moment, I’m operating only a One-to-One Coaching Package, details below.

1 x 90 minute discovery session – face to face for Scotland based clients.
6 x 60 minute coaching sessions – face to face or phone sessions.
Minimum live time 3 months, maximum live time 6 months.
On call daily support via text, email, quick phone check-in.

£600 payable over 6 months.

More on Outdoor Group Coaching sessions coming soon.