A coach you say? What, like a bus?

I’m a trained life coach and I can help you live more of the life you want to live. This is not just a regular chat on the phone with a friend, I deal with a full range of topics with my clients such as first steps to a new career, habitual and addicitive behaviours, parenting approaches, emotional intelligence, and diet changes.

Feeling a change coming on? Need to someone else to work it out with?

Looking for more meaning, purpose, fun, direction, or structure?

My coaching tools will help you get more of what you need into your life. My methods are from one of the worlds oldest and well-regarded coaching schools in the world – Coaches Training Institute. Believe me, or my clients, they work.

At the moment, I coach on the phone, or via video call, and a full programme will consist of some or all of the following, we’ll work it out to best suit what you need:

1 x 90 minute discovery session – We’ll run through the wheel of life, and work out the ground rules for our coaching, and where we’re starting, and where you want to get to.

6 x 60 minute coaching sessions – on the phone, this is where we work through all the things, and pull out the details that will make space for change. Oh, and we’ll be working on your homework here too.

Our coaching relationship will usually last between three to six months.

As your coach, I’m on call daily to support you via voice, text, email.

I have worked in exchange for services, art, and money, get in touch to find out prices and how we can work together.

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