First class of dance class since the summer holidays last night and I can’t dance the way I used to. Signs of the changing times and a huge yellow moon shone down on Battlefield as Shuna’s words ‘it’s changing for lots of people’ ring in my ears.

Things are going to get a little easier from here on in. We aren’t living in a world where we have to churn out hours of copywriting and design to get a message accross, yes, there will be some, but people have the information about what’s happening in our world already. The apocalypse is coming, but we may have some time before we are sitting in the rubble of our victorian industrial past, opening up our chimneys and reinstating open fires because Russia has cut off our gas boilers, picking through the compost bins to see what seeds of our ancient mother’s organic veg boxes have grown into something to eat. We have to continue building the urban communities we want before we get to that place, because we still have time, and our children have even more. We know we use and create too much plastic. We even know there’s a system holding the supermarkets in credit trade in plastic. We know our leaders are ageing white party boys who’re the modern day equivalent of the bullied, drunk, coerced into taking too much crack/power for the distraction of the masses while their coerce-ers fuck around on everyone elses boundaries and wank themselves stupid on money, only coming back to draw cocks on the vulnerables faces when they pass out. Our computer screens will go off when the oil runs out too. All the data they have on us will be useless without a current. We will be trading in dynamo’s, converting our diesels to run on fat, and peeling the wires out of the lamposts and walls in exchange for something to eat.  It may take a while though, maybe I wont see it. But our children will.

What systems would you change now?

Who would you change them with?

If you had a dream fund, a box of £1M just sitting there waiting to be opened with a magic key – when the magic key is passion, voice and meaningful collaboration. It’s not a lot of money, and it’s designed to make you think ahead – yes, it’s to be spent in 2/3 years, but this is seed funding for genuine effective social and environmental change. Which can start in an instant and last forever. Like the internet. If you were to change a system, which one would it be? Who would you need to talk to?

Waste in the live music industry?

Waste in our medical systems?

Technology programme to modify Victorian buildings into zero emission properties?

Re-wilding our Education systems?

Planting trees in the city?

Banning the sale and planting of ornamental plants, turning all suburban gardens into food production sites?