About Me

Hello, welcome to some pages about what I do.

How do you feel about the work you are doing right now? Are you invested in it, or could you take it and leave it? What I know for sure is that people are naturally creative, and often we channel our creative resources into our work, without taking a step back to think about our lives as whole. It seems to me, our modern work-lives are increasingly driven by technology and screens, and over time this causes stress, illness and limits our understanding of who we are and what we are doing here. 

I’ve been involved in the creative industries in Scotland for around 15 years and I’ve employed over 50 people at one time or another through a small company which publishes magazines. That’s a lot of people in front of computers, for many hours. I’ve seen the therapeutic effects of nature and being outside in the Forest School work I’ve done, and believe there’s benefits for both employees and businesses in getting people out from behind their screens and into the woods.

Do you ever feel stifled in your workplace? Feel your creativity levels and mood diminish as the clock ticks ever so slowly round the office wall on a sunny afternoon?

Read on (or contact me) for what I can do for you.


We all go through changes in our lives. You might be looking for someone to buddy you through making a business plan for a new creative project, or to challenge how you’re thinking about relationships in your life so you can be sure you’re moving in the direction you want to go, or you might be looking to get a better understanding of your own emotional and behaviour patterns.

Or maybe you have a feeling there’s something more for you and you need a safe space to work out what that looks like.

And maybe following #selfdevelopment on instagram isn’t working.

As your coach you can be sure that I am using tested tools and methods from one of the worlds oldest and well-regarded coaching schools in the world – Coaches Training Institute. I could describe some of the tools us Co-Active coaches use, but life’s too short – best try them out for yourself.

Contact me to arrange a free 20 minute call where you can try my coaching and see if it’s for you.


One to One Coaching Package

1 x 90 minute discovery session – face to face for Scotland based clients.
6 x 60 minute coaching sessions – face to face or phone sessions.
Minimum live time 3 months, maximum live time 6 months.
On call daily support via text, email, quick phone check-in.

£600 payable over 6 months.



Outdoor Experiences

Our world is full of screens, we rely on them for work, income, entertainment and organising our lives. Maybe you are looking to unplug and get outside, and maybe you’ve been reading about the therapeutic benefits of nature on our screen dazzled minds. Let’s go outside together.

I am a qualified Forest School Level 3 Leader and I work with outdoor practitioners in Scotland to deliver outdoor experiences for all ages and stages of humans. I believe doing anything with a play mindset can set you free, and doing it outdoors will benefit your mind, body and spirit, and also your family, friends and the people you work with.

Here are some of the people I work with, and have worked with:

Glasgow Region Outdoor & Woodland Learning GROWL

Joni Mackay

Nature Nurture

North East Scotland Outdoor Learning Group NESOLG

Operation Play Outdoors 


Contact me for more information about what we’re up to right now.


“The coaching session I had with Sophie was transformative. It has really supported work I had started in therapy and allowed me to take that next step forward. I was able to visualise hurdles which helps to understand them and put them into perspective. Sophie was very intuitive and insightful and guided me to a point where I could push my boundaries. Thank you.” – Jude Galea

“Sophie’s life coaching was inspirational and has helped me move into a new phase. The session encouraged me to analyze my past and present emotional habit patterns and allowed me for the first time to interact with a potential future self; teasing out how that headspace might feel and allowing me to spend time with the person I might become… Illuminating… Thank you.” – Scott Garcia

“The session was a really interesting process and I gained a new perspective on a pressing issue in my life. It gave me a great deal of insight and some ideas for moving forward in this area. I wasn’t sure what to expect or how useful a phone session could be, but I found it to be incredibly powerful and encouraged me to consider different ways of approaching a particular challenge in my life.” – Caroline Macrory